Friday, February 5, 2016


Quality of Life
It’s not about fighting cancer, it’s about surviving it. When I was a child and watching my father go through his treatment and slowly fading away I realized there should be another way. As a child I believed in miracles and believed my father was going to get better and everything was going to be alright, but he did not. Then I began watching one by one others in the family die of this disease using the conventional ways. When I was diagnosed, I thought what if I can change the outcome and try something different for the old way had not worked. So I took a leap of faith and tried another method of treatment; a scientific approach that was not known to me that existed.

What I am saying is that we do have a choice, we just have to reach out and grip it and do some research to realize it’s about survival. You do not have to suffer with all the side effects that chemo or radiation brings thus my husband and I did not. I cannot go back to help my father and the rest of my family that died. I cannot say well if ~ but I can go forward and help someone else. Even if it’s just one person ~ wouldn’t you!!!
When I get up every morning I am humble for the direction I went and blessed that I am able to watch my daughter grow as an adult. Unlike my father who was unable to experience with her the milestones in her life.

This is why I am giving back and change through this petition, so other children do not have to go through what I went through. Let them know that there are miracles out there. I never thought that anything was possible until I grew up and found out that we have choices, we just have to reach up to the stars and pull them down.

Help me to make this possible for others to use scientific methods that will be covered by insurance. Help me organize a site where people can go and ask questions and seek help. Help me share knowledge of other ways to survive cancer and give back hope to our children in teaching them preventions at an early age in schools. We are a drop, but together we can be an ocean.
With your signature this will help spread the word that we are tired of watching our loved ones fade away with No Quality of Life. This disease is getting out of control and people are making money while showing little results. Let’s bring back love and hope.

Show me that you care with a signature ~ a gift for it’s for the future and we can make a difference. Together, one by one you will change.

People are much like trees, each one of us are unique and show beauty. However a tree can not grow without the root, the foundation. Much like cancer it can not be managed without finding the root of the issue ~ why it happened. If we can destroy the root, cancer can not grow. Everyone is unique and should be treated with the blueprint that their body was built on. We need to change the way we treat cancer and look at the big picture of the why and not just the symptom. We need to continue to educate on prevention and choices that are out there that does not cause side effects or damage to the immune system.. Also make it affordable to all by making this covered by our insurance companies.
We need to change the thinking and put our money in not just treating the symptom, but why it happened in the first place. There has been so many fund raising programs leading from the Nixon era and nothing much has been done as of yet and the reason why is nobody is looking at the root of the issue and our immune system.

THIS NEEDS TO STOP statistics of cancer
Cancer is America's leading cause of death for people under the age of 85. Think about that for a second. Approximately 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. There are an estimated 13,000,000 people living with cancer right now in the U.S. Approximately 66% of people survive after five years of being diagnosed with cancer. These are estimated new U.S. cancer cases for 2015 -- based off similar 2014 statistics. (
· Lung and Bronchus Cancer: 225,000; Resulting Deaths: 160,000
· Colon and Rectum Cancer: 136,000; Resulting Deaths: 50,000
· Breast Cancer: 230,000; Resulting Deaths: 40,000
· Prostate Cancer: 230,000; Resulting Deaths: 30,000
· Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: 70,000; Resulting Deaths: 19,000
· All types of cancer this year: 1,665,000; Resulting Deaths: 585,000
Last thing to consider: Seventy-five percent of all physicians in the world refuse chemotherapy for themselves!

Coming from the heart who is Sheryl Malin? I am an ordinary women like millions that was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago. Cancer is not bias, any one can get it. However, I did something about it, I went against the conventional treatments and did not have surgery, chemo nor radiation. My journey followed a different path, I chose other methods. I am very thankful that I had support from my husband and daughter. Through my knowledge and experiences I have been sharing this by my book I wrote, blogs, and a web site. The methods I chose were not FDA approved in the states and my insurance company would not pay ~ for I went out of the country for treatment. I am now living in Mexico due to lack of finance for both my husband and I were treated for cancer. To leave on a positive note both Dan and I have triumphed over cancer. There is this quote that I would love to share, “ Remember there are no mistakes just lessons, Love yourself, Trust your choices, and everything is possible.”

Let’s change legislate by helping me to educate on knowledge and to change the whole medical industry’s thinking and save lives. We also need to make it affordable to all by making this covered by our insurance companies. Such treatments that are on my website


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