Wednesday, February 10, 2016




Dreams, hopes and accomplishments.  This is all new to me doing a go fund
me.  I did not know any other way to
raise money for a nonprofit organization to help cancer victims then ask my
friends and family to help me with this fund raising event to honor our loved
ones by giving back to someone that needs help with other type of treatments
and give them an opportunity to have a quality of life.  Please contribute to my cause for not for me
for others that will be humble to thank you for the start of knowledge or being
helped with financial needs.

We all know someone that either has cancer or is going
through cancer and others that has passed on.
The treatments causes weight loss, hair loss, sickness and side effects
and even death.  We can change this and
honor the ones that have gone through this illness. SUPPORT ME ON THIS ~



Wealth, what is it? Many of us are wealthy

in numerous ways although we simply do not

recognize it. Enjoy the wealth you already

have in your family and friends, in your

health, in your freedom, in your knowledge,

and most importantly, in yourself.


Please contribute and share, for someone will get a
gift of life.


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