Saturday, February 27, 2016



I have heard from some that this is a scam. I am truly sincere from my heart that we all have choices and no one needs to suffer without quality of life. I believe that if one wants to try another form of healing that does not leave side effects they should be able to do so. My foundation would give this opportunity to someone that is unable to afford these types of treatments.

I look at billions of people that have died of this illness for they had no choice and all the money that has been spent on Chemo and Radiation without blinking the eye on other scientific methods that are used throughout the world.

So this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

Everyday, and every way I know.

Light that shines in the light of love,

Hides the darkness from above.

Shines on me and it shines on you,

Shows you what the power of love can do.

Shine my light both bright and clear,

Shine my light both far and near,

In every dark corner that find,

Let my little light shine.

Monday gave me the gift of love,

Tuesday peace came from above,

Wednesday told me to have more faith,

Thursday gave me a little more grace,

Friday told me to watch and pray,

Saturday told me just what to say,

Sunday gave me the power divine,

Just to let my little light shine.

My little light that is shining for you and anyone that needs financial help for something special ~ Life. Help me shine and give a gift to someone that is in need of assistance on alternative methods on curing their disease. You can make a difference for the future.

Go today and give a gift to start a foundation of functional, alternative treatments:

Your help will give someone a quality of life.





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