Thursday, February 18, 2016

Simplifying Life

Simplifying Life

Healing Our Bodies

On April 1st it will be three years ago that Dan and I moved to Mexico. We only planned on living here for two years, but it has been so comfortable and we are managing our illnesses with the simple things in life. This is what Mexico has taught us.

A lot of my family and friends were afraid for us to go to Mexico, but with us losing everything, our house, our cars, and most of our retirement savings due to our treatments from cancer the world as we knew it had disappeared before our eyes. Not only was there just cancer that both of us were inflicted with and had to worry about, but Dan also had ten stints in his heart area. We have had to maintain this health issue as well. Life in the states was not affordable for us to live there anymore. We not only had to deal with the treatments of cancer, but also, the aftercare ~ the healing process. Between the two of us we are spending over a thousand dollars a month on medicines and supplements because insurance does not cover them. We are living on Dan’s disability check and this takes out a big chunk, so our living expense which we are left with is quite small affording us not the luxury of a car but only the use of the local buses and the taxi drivers to get us down to the bottom of the hill for shopping Right now we are living off of the disability check from an injury on Dan’s left foot due to an old bullet wound and my book that I published last year. I am very disappointed for the sales of the book has not been overwhelming.

Nevertheless, we downsized and took off where we can live happy and not be worried about things (stress) for this is one of the lifestyle changes that we had to overcome to heal ourselves from cancer. Dan and I found this lovely Hotel in Ajijic to start over in which was affordable for us. We were offered a casita which we made our home. The price was only under 400.00 American dollars all included ~ internet, gas and electric. I felt this was fabulous to us for we were able to feel less pressure on our shoulders. Like someone close to me would say, this was our choice. Yes, but it was not my choice for us both to have cancer and be in the situation that we ended up in. We were living the American dream until then.
It has been a long road, but I am very proud that I am able to lift my head up and say that Dan and I did it on our own. We have never asked anyone for help and continue to do things on our own. With this said, I am asking for help on another issue. Dan and I are starting an organization to help others that have been in need of help regarding their cancer treatments. The fund is World F.A.C.T.S. ( Functional, Alternative, Cancer, Treatments Society). Please go to and give a gift to someone in need.

Throughout the five years and Dan’s three years of managing our cancer, we have been researching more and educating others in keeping healthy and to think outside the box. There are so many other treatments that work throughout the world that should be FDA approved so that others would be able to afford them with the insurance coverage. I have started a new petition that I also need your help with to sign so the future would be with out all the side effects that are happening NOW. There are scientific approaches, like Dan’s and I used that if the insurance company had paid for, maybe our lives would have taken another turn. Go to sign and share the NEW petition

The experience that we have received from moving to Mexico opened up our eyes that Mexico is just as safe as the U.S. There are areas in the U.S. that you would not travel in, much like Mexico. There are gangs and drugs in the U.S., just like the cartel in Mexico. You have to do research to find the areas that you would be safe in. Our community in Chapala is full of ex-pats from America, Europe and Canada. We have many veterans here and they are being taken care of through clinics and facilities that specialize in their needs.

Please, help Dan and I in our quest to start World F.A.C.T.S. This would mean so much to us and would make a difference in what we had been through. The most precious gift that you could give Dan and I would be a donation to this cause. There is this saying that I love and have been repeating in all my writings. You are a drop, but together we can be an ocean. This is so true, I need you to be the ocean.

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