Saturday, June 4, 2011


Your mind is an instrument, a tool.


Time goes by so fast, Its June already and I just got back from visiting my daughter in New York. This has been long over due and I enjoyed every minute of it. I got to see through my own eyes her world the big apple. We were non stop doing things from walking in the park to going to Greenwich Village and experiencing organic pizza. We even walked the Brooklyn Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan and it was a walk. I was able to see the Statue of Liberty and all the tall buildings while I walked along the bridge ~ what a awesome sight.

As I sit and wonder how I did it, what a challenge! My home program is a challenge as a whole, but to do it on the road is extra work to figure out the times to take my medicine and searching for organic foods. Dan and I decided to prepare ourselves with packing some organic foods such as; apples, hard boiled eggs, bread, turkey lunch meat, carrots, fruit bars. We would drive until we saw a rest stop and stop to have a picnic and relax before moving on.

Everything was going smoothly until the car broke down in North Carolina not far from where we were going to end the day. The car decided to over heat about nine miles from some friends that we were visiting. I guess it was meant to be, for I really enjoyed the visit. This allowed me to get to know more about them and Dan to remember the past with all the stories of his past. It was great, but after five days I was missing my daughter and wanted to get on the road again to see her. Also my medicine was running low and I had ordered some to be sent to my daughters place since we were heading that way. It was time to move on, although the car was still being worked on and was not ready to be in use.

Dan and I decided to rent a mini van for we had several things of Danielle’s that were quite big. We packed the things in the mini van and left that evening around 6:30. As we started on the road, looking at the beauty around us we decided to drive straight through. Stopping at rest stops and relaxing to meditation tapes and going to the next and repeating the protocol. Finally we made it to our destination. As far as organic, it was not hard to find grocery stores that sell organic and restaurants that provides organic. If I was unable to find organic foods, I would ask for wild fish and have it grilled. It was a challenge but I made it through with flying colors.

I would like to thank our friends, Dominic and Pam for understanding my program and fitting it in to the routine and sharing their home with us. I enjoyed being part of their family. I traveled to the mountains of New York by train and shared the night with our nephew Robby and Pam. God has graced us with awesome land and I was in awe with what surrounded me. It was wonderful sharing time with them for Robby cooked out some venison and we went to the store and got organic sweet potato’s and greens. Being in the big city we met our nephew Sean and had drinks with him and was great seeing him again. The best is spending time with my daughter and sharing her world with us. Miss her already, thank God for skype and instant texting.

Its time to pack for our trip to Mexico for my ten day stay for the booster treatment. I am looking forward in seeing my doctors and the team. The passion that they have for healing cancer is so amazing, its something that I will always be part of and spread to others. They have given me a new way to look at life and cancer and I will never forget the work they are doing.

Well, its time to make dinner so until next time keep safe and stop to smell the flowers.


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