Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today I woke up by watching Joel Olsten for it is Sunday. The message was so awesome for it was talking about how God packs your bags with all that you need. I related the message to my trip to Mexico. I feel I ‘m blessed with all your prayers and support and even wonderful support by my doctors that are treating me.

My experiences in Mexico all have been very pleasant, Dan and I go back about fifteen years to the Baha Mexico. We stayed there for about a week and a half, which gave us time to see the fools gold beaches in the Sea of Cortez below the mountains. We were able to see some of the culture and history, I can remember most that the people were very friendly toward us and one of our waiters at a restaurant wanted to take a picture of our daughter with him to show his children. I had fallen in love with the beauty around us and how others had lived, a memory of a life time.

The other time visiting Mexico was not the most pleasant of all, because it was to go to a facility for cancer treatment. However, I did take back with me gratitude for I had met some wonderful people with so much passion for human life. They taught me so much about how we need to take care of our bodies and offered the tools to make me better. Even though Dan and I did not speak Spanish, we had no trouble having someone understand us. All my doctors and most of the nurses spoke English or understood what I was saying. The facility  gave me a wonderful stay and blessed me with wonderful people.

Now I am back in Mexico with another experience of wonder. We decided to come to Guadalajara, Mexico to stay at a timesharing resort. Guadalajara Plaza Resort, an awesome place with Mexican Culture all around. We chose this place for not far is a town that we may someday retire to. Dan has been doing a lot of research on this town regarding living expenses and the way of life ~ stress free. Tomorrow we are going to check it out and stay three days at a bed and breakfast hotel. I am excited to see the living areas and the organic foods.

For right now, Guadalajara’s culture we are enjoying. We went to an organic hamburger place for dinner last night, Twittburger. The menu was in Spanish and the waitress spoke little English, but we managed to select something good from the menu. After; what really took me was we needed a cab to get back to the resort and what took place was amazing. You see it was raining and two of the employees from the restaurant stood out in the rain to flag a cab for us. This was something that I had never experienced and was overwhelmed that strangers from another country would do this for us. It gets better!

After some rest back at the resort we took another cab to Casa Bariachi to listen to the Mariachi Bands for every where we had been so far in Mexico plays American music. The place was so colorful with Mexican culture throughout it, I felt like I was in a dream. Dan and I was in awe, even though we did not speak Spanish it was an enjoyable evening. We got some non alcohol drinks and some olives. Yes, olives came in a cocktail glass with ice. If anyone knows Dan he had to try the salsa and chips. They were homemade Mexican style.

So far my experience with being in Mexico has been amazing, I feel that I am someone important, for the Mexicans make you feel special. For example we went to Apple Bees the other day and met this young man going to college to study marketing. Well, Dan and him hit it off together. He was our waiter and spoke English, but what was so amazing was that he spent about 15 minutes talking to us and sharing the sites around us.

It is amazing how Americanized it is here ~ There is a 7 Eleven on almost every corner, Apple Bee’s, Chili’s, Sears, Office Depot and Walmart.

Well, enough of this , I will be writing my next entry from my next town. Stay tune for more amazing things ahead.

Have a great Sunday.

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