Thursday, June 16, 2011


Greetings to all from Ajijic Mexico. This is our last day and we did some find factors for when we decide to move here. Wonderful area as well as the people.

We checked out some rentals and were very pleased of what we found. There was this one place that we fell in love with, high above a hill and the scenery was breath taking. We were greeted by a couple that runs the complex. It was just converted to weekly, monthly and even longer time rental spans. This is just prefect for us, just what we were looking for. It was just what the doctor ordered you might say and not far from a Walmart.

After our investigations Dan and I went to the hot springs for some therapeutic conditioning. There are some hot tubs not far down the road and had this nice cab driver take us to it, which we asked if he could pick us up at 5:00 p.m.; of course he replied without any hesitation. Prior to this day we were looking for a bathing suit for me, because YES I forgot mine in Florida ~ back home. Not far from the hot springs was a place on the side of the road where beach supplies where being sold such as tubes, suits and etc. Dan said, lets wander over there and see if there is anything that will fit. So, we went and this petite lady saw that we were looking at suits and started to pick out some for me. “Grande“, she would say and had some for me in her hand. I asked if I could try them on, well she did not speak English and our Spanish isn’t all that good. So Dan did some hand movement to show that I would like to try it on. There was this hotel next to her shop, which she pointed to. To make a long story short, I tried a couple on and took the best fitting one. Now we can go to the springs.

This was a very different and a stress release experience. There were four tubs full of hot spring water which was bubbling. The first tub was salt water and we spent 15 minutes within it. Each tub was looking over the lake with the mountains on the other side. I could have taken a picture, but it would not show the beauty that my eye’s were seeing. The second tub had flowers of colors such as pinks and yellows. As I got in it the flowers where bubbling all around me and the smell was sweet. The third tub was this type of red flower that was for antitoxins to be removed from your body. As I submerged in it there was red bubbles coming up all around me, this felt funny. Then we were directed to an area where there were buckets of wet mud. We were told to apply it on all over our bodies and have it set until it dried. We had fun like little kids applying the mud on one another. This was enjoyable until it dried and started to itch. At that point we were directed to go to the forth tub to rinse off. Finally, the last step was a sauna, which we were directed to this cave like building. Inside were rocks all around within the center was a big stone with leaves of some plant circled around the rock with steam coming down all around us.
This experience is something that you would read about that an actor or actress would have done on their vacation and you would read about in some magazine, It was awesome!

To rap up my experiences here, I met a lot of nice people , a lot of very fine restaurants and breath taking landscapes. This is my future home some day.

Tomorrow we go back to Guadalajara for two more days to rap up our time here on this side of Mexico until we fly to the other side for my treatments. Enjoy some of the pics that I was able to view from my own eyes. Until next time, enjoy and take each moment to heart.

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