Friday, June 10, 2011


Dan and I finely made it to Mexico. We had no problem with our bags through the USA scanners. However, when we got to the Guadalajara airport they did question one of my bags. The one that had my three week supply of medication. They had a doctor come over to look at it. I explained to her that it was for my treatment plan and some were for Dan’s heart. She understood and left smoothly.

Were staying at a Holiday Inn Express and the focus of the place is my sink and a chair that Dan likes. We have a big flat screen T.V. which Dan is watching an American channel.

Check out the pics of the sink and chair.

Looking forward to showing you the rest of the city this week. Everyone here is pleasant and if they do not speak English they get someone that does. So far so good.

Will keep you informed on where we are in the days ahead.

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