Sunday, June 19, 2011



Hello from Tijuana, Mexico! Dan and I just got in the other day and are settling in for Monday starts my treatments.
I do have a thought for today, Why is it that the good and healthy things are not around for us, but the bad things are always around? While traveling in the states as much as in Mexico, I had a hard time finding organic foods. All they had were pesticide and poison foods. What’s with that! It is hard to better ourselves when we can not find the proper items to feed our bodies. I find that is discrimination for the sick and the ones that want to be natural and stay away from chemicals.
What should we do? I think that every restaurant and every grocery store should have a section just organic. This way the one’s that want to stay away from chemicals are able to. Please help me fight for this plea. The universe needs to be more educated on what we eat and do, for our lives depend on it.

Since I was DX with cancer, I have been researching not just on natural treatments, but on how we can maintain a healthy life style and still enjoy what we always have. We need to be more green and knowledgeable on what is available to us to keep a healthy immune system. I have had six months as well as wonderful doctors preach to me on the importance of our immune system. It starts with the water we drink to the foods we eat and the environment we live in. Help me make a stand to better all three things for the future of our children.

We as a drop can make an ocean by starting to pass knowledge along that can better the future.

As a father, start today in making sure that your children are getting the best and healthy foods by going organic.

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