Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Pollution in our air, food, and the products that we use today are what causes cancer to breathe within ourselves. We as a nation are not only destroying the human race, but all living things around us. Chemicals that we use everyday are what we are using to kill all things.

It took me to get cancer to research and gain the knowledge to manage my cancer. I was taught from the very best doctors that studied from all over the globe while gaining knowledge from years ago and modernizing their techniques within today’s standards. They are using techniques which have been known to kill cancer cells, like heat and oxygen. Treatments that do not destroy good cells and that keep us living.

There was this wise man that stated to me that we can not change our environment, but we can change what we do in our own homes. Through this I have learned, I have educated my love ones that we can make a difference and it begins with you.

Research, Research, Research ~ we do not have to cut, poison or burn ourselves to manage cancer. Check out what the other countries have done and how these methods are applied to today’s techniques. The quality of life is much more beneficial and comfortable.

The only regret I have is not knowing this information when my father or other family members, and friends in the past had cancer. I wonder would they be living today. They did not have a choice ! The internet is a powerful thing and I am sure it was meant to be used to gather information that would benefit us for the good and not for the bad, So If you get any thing out of this article, please Research, Research, Research.

Quality of life is more important then ones self pride and money ~ with that said ; I am around because of it and sharing my journey.

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