Sunday, May 6, 2012


For some this will be the first time you have followed my journey and for others this will not be a surprise. There are so many people that cancer effects and through it all no one feels the most then a mother.

My mother has been part of my recovery process and learned through me, the knowledge that we now wonder if we had it then, would my father be here today. Here is an article she wrote in her words on how she feels about the topic cancer.

As a person who has experienced the suffering of my Sister-in-law of cancer and death at 35 years leaving two young sons. My own husband, Sam an agonizing lung and brain cancer; agonizing for him and unbelievable agonizing for me to watch - not able to keep him from suffering. Sam died one month from being forty-two. I was left with four daughters 8yrs to 17yrs and I was only thirty-nine years of age. My Brother-in-law then died of cancer at thirty-six years of age leaving two small children. There was surgery, chemotherapy and there was also

radiation. We did what the doctors told us to do for our loved ones. WE DID NOT WANT TO LOOSE THEM. How sad; all these races for money for cancer and research and still people are dying every moment; along with some blessed children. PLEASE someone needs to tell these cancer patients there is HOPE but first there must be knowledge. KNOWLEDGE isn't given by doctors in the United States but there is great knowledge found on the computer. We all have cancer cells in our body. Cancer is not curable, you keep Cancer under control. As a mother of four daughters I watched as they grew up and I prayed that they would never go through what their father endured. I THOUGHT WE HAD IT BEAT! When they told me my second daughter (52) Sherry had two cancerous tumors in her breast; they said I should take it like a "man". I was told that I was to go along with what Sherry wanted to do with her life -NOTHING. Her surgeon had warned her surgery next week, then chemotherapy with radiation following. Sherry said,” I would rather die than to go through that agony. Dan; Sherry's husband then started his investigation about cancer on the computer. Three places outside the U.S.A. had pretty good cases of dissolving active cancer tumors. They picked Mexico and Functional Medicine. Sherry began by detoxing her body and building her immune system. Next there was heat treatments and the use of her own stem cells by multiplying them and placing them back into her body. These treatments were expensive but as Dan and Sherry said,” what truly is the cost of a life". The United States is so far behind or doing nothing at all. The Insurance Companies in the United States would rather pay out money for chemicals and the FDA would rather have us put chemicals in our body while raising money for research for a cure for cancer - WHAT A SHAME - when it is a natural way our bodies need. Sherry's cancerous tumors have dissolved and it now has been a year and half but she must eat the right foods, relax, exercise and keep her immune system healthy to keep her cancer cells in control. PLEASE DON'T WRITE ARTICLES ON RESEARCH - WRITE ONES ON THE KNOWLEDGE OUT THERE TO HELP THE CANCER PATIENT AND TO PREVENT CANCER IN OUR LIVES.



Norma "Debby" Surdi

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norma surdi said...

For anyone that reads this Journey, may they tell just one other person and may way of prayer, word, and faith, the word may get out of hope for just one cancer person. That is our hope.