Thursday, May 24, 2012


I would like to take this moment to thank all that have been following my progress and supporting my decision not to go the conventional way. With your backing I was able to continue to grow and learn how to take care of my body. As you been following the blog I have been posting a great deal of information regarding food. I believe that the foundation of your health is food. Food is what feeds your immune system and cells and if you eat the wrong foods It can cause diseases.

I have made my life public on this blog, so that if someone wanted to choose another way of treating cancer ~ I could be an example. I wanted to proof that it was not scary and I continued to live a pain free life. My journey has made me very humble and has given me the time to gain the knowledge that I was able to share with you all. I have been working hard in healing myself this past year and ½ and continue to eat all organic foods. I have been staying away from all process foods and exercise daily, either by going to the gym or just walking in a park or taking up Tia Chi. I made several meditation tapes and listen to them during the week and have been continuing my intake of my supplement regimen.

Update ~ today I had an MRI on my abdomen and next Thursday I will be having an MRI on my chest. Once I get the results I will be sharing them with you all. Depending on what the results are, my home regimen could change. It will be for the good!!!

Until my results I will continue to share information that may help you live a healthier life. Most important we all need to stop and smell the roses.

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