Friday, May 11, 2012


This Sunday is Mothers Day and I wrote this in honor of all mothers, here or gone. Your strength of love will stay in our hearts.

As we count the days, as mothers we watch our children grow. Through our hearts we teach them to grow into adults and pray that they become the gift that was meant for them. Our children are what gives us strength to go on with excitement and share the experiences of growth . Mothers grow with wisdom as we watch our children plan their lives with the knowledge that were taught to them.

Today am grateful for having my daughter in my life, as I watch her become independent and take control of her life ~~I watch with an open heart. I have a lot of treasures to remember and will keep them stored within my mind.

This past year has been special for me for I took control with the help of my daughter to change my lifestyle and managed my cancer. She taught me to never give up and to keep a smile on my face. So today I thank her for making my life special and being there for me.

From one heart to another, may all mothers have a day of love and enjoy being a mother

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