Thursday, May 3, 2012

The healing power of prayer?


Understanding the Healing Power of Prayers

A failing heart, a weak body, tormenting pain, and terminal disease--crippled by these situations, people turn to different sources of healing. The healing power of prayers have been put to test different times. While science and religion often have a different take on this, there are studies and medical research that support claims that prayers, indeed, have a healing effect on patients. Even doctors attest to this, as they have seen patients recover from such a terrible illness without medical explanation or specific treatment. Others say that this is a form of miracle, but for many who believe in the healing power of prayers, this is a simple case of faith, believing in the higher power to heal the body, soul, and mind at once.

How prayers work

There are different approaches to prayers. Others call upon archangels, hold prayer group sessions, or simply reflect, meditate, and converse with God in their own way. It is said that healing is stirred when intentions are clear and sincere and faith is evident whether one is praying for other people or one's self.

Prayers can help a person cope with medical illness, depression, addiction, emotional pain, despair, and pain. Through prayers, people seek help from a higher being who's greater than our own fears, pain, and helplessness. And with these, we free our mind and body of anxiety and fear. By allowing the mind and body to relax, it helps bring positive energy and create some balance in our system, which helps the patient respond to treatment better. With renewed hope, patients tend to be more optimistic and such a behavior gravely affects their condition and will to survive. Some say that this is simply a placebo effect, in which symptoms are alleviated not because of an effective treatment, but simply because the patient believes that it will. Whatever the case, those who believe in the healing powers of prayer gain more strength, become more hopeful, at ease, and feels some of sort of vibrant energy flowing through their bodies, prompting their will to survive.

Benefits of praying

Through prayer, the mind becomes more alert, focused, and enlightened. Emotionally, one lets positive thoughts and energy to erase any doubt or negative thoughts about the treatment, thereby helping the body respond better to any form of medication or method of healing. Spiritually, one becomes more prepared for the outcome, more inspired, and feels more nurtured through the loving acts of his or her friends through prayers. Prayers do not only heal the mind, soul, and body, but can also help reinforce relationships during the most trying times.

The healing power of prayers can be best combined with any medical treatment or forms of alternative medicine.

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