Sunday, July 22, 2012



It’s enough to have an illness that takes a lot of healing and then you get a final denial from your insurance stating that they will not pay for your service. It’s experimental and is not accepted in the USA. Well, we all need to open our eyes to this situation. With the new health care law coming out where we all have to have coverage or they will penalize us at the end of the year.

Well, people I am already getting penalized for I have coverage and they will only pay for surgery, chemo and radiation. What if or when it is a law that we must have insurance coverage, then they will have complete control over you. You will not be able to choose your treatment; they have it laid out for you and the procedures that you must follow for illness. Where is the freedom here? Good old USA!

I chose to do other treatment for my family has done the conventional way for many years and the end result was death. I did not want to follow the same path and suffer the after effects of chemo. I chose a new approach, Functional Medicine. It worked and I am very blessed to be able to write and share my experience with you. It’s easy to share your personal life with the world when you have shown them step by step your experience and it turns out that you managed your cancer.

I have attached part of the denial below, they see through the reports that~

I have managed my cancer, but they are not given me or my treatment any credit. The only credit they are giving is the FDA approved drug that I am taking that does have side effects while at the same time pushing another named drug which they say will provide better results..mmm..payoff by BIG PHARMA???

We must take a stand and change the way they are thinking and do not make it about money. It’s our lives that are in their hands.

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Basically what the insurance is implying is that I really did not need the surgery, chem or radiation for the drug~ TAMOXIFEN is what healed me... I could of just spent $10.00 dollars a month and it would of fixed me.... TELL THAT TO EVERYONE THAT HAS HAD BREAST CANCER AND WENT THROUGH THE PROTOCOL. Think about it!!!!

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christine said...

I admire your courage in the fight against breast cancer. These people do not know the stress that you have felt knowing you had this condition. I hope that the government could do something about this.