Friday, July 20, 2012



As I look back at my life and relate it to some inspirational verses, I realize that everyone has difficult decisions throughout their lives. We can change our destiny with the choices we make! You may have the same problem as I, but the outcome of the choice you make could turn out to be a disaster or an awesome experience. ITS ALL UP TO YOU TO OBTAIN AND USE YOUR KNOWLEDGE .

My daughter just texted me with some issues that she is facing and I suggested her to not worry and forget about the matter in hand. For right now she was at work and I believed that this is where her head should be at. The issues can be solved later in the evening when her mind is clear and she can make the right choice for her.

We as Americans live in such a fast paced world, that we do not stop to think when there is a problem in hand. We make fast judgments and this is what may cost us our lives. Stop and absorb the knowledge before choosing your destiny. We need to check the pro’s and con’s before making the decision that is right for you.

If I did not stop and listen to my own heart about my diagnosis of breast cancer, my outcome would have not have been as awesome as it is today. I chose to not have surgery, chemo and radiation; which resulted to not losing my hair, losing weight and getting sick.

My decision was to do functional medicine and per my surgeon here in the states I was going against all of what he advised me to do. Sometimes you have to think with your heart and do your own educating. WE DO HAVE A CHOICE. My doctors words to me was “it is what it is” ! I was so overwhelmed with his remark that I was turned off when it came to his professional abilities to make me whole again.

Throughout my blog I have personally told my story and what I have learned throughout my journey. This is not for you to take lightly, its for you to think and act with knowledge and not take someone else’s word. YOU ARE MORE IMPORTANT THEN THAT.

With the wisdom that I gained from the treatment that I received in Mexico, I am blessed and very upset that I, before this time did not think about foods and how it can impact our lives. We take what is on the shelves at the supermarket for granted and that it is all good for us because, who would put it on the shelves if it is bad for us. WELL THINK AGAIN… Next time you buy something that looks awesome and your mouth is watering for it, just look at what it is made of. You would be surprise to see that there is so many artificial chemicals in them that it is waiting for illness to enter your bodies. DO NOT TAKE IT FROM ME, DO YOUR RESEARCH..

ITS YOUR CHOICE, take time and make your decisions . Do not take someone else’s word for~ you are only you once….



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