Wednesday, July 18, 2012



As I get ready to go to bed and pray my soul to keep, I think of all the people that touched my life that have passed away from cancer. At a early age I had been faced with cancer and grew up surrounded by it. My father died when I was only sixteen. I quite often think about if there was the internet or technology that they have today would he had made the same choice that I made. Or when my mother-in-law passed on from cancer would she had made the same choice.

If they had that choice ~I may have still been able to kiss them good-night.

I know we all had some one in our lives that died of cancer and we still wonder when there is going to be a cure. Some of us are still waiting and wearing the colors that represent the different kinds. I have been for the past couple of years dedicated in managing my cancer with my blog. I have shared my most personal thoughts and experiences to the world in hope that we can change our thought process and realize we have choices. Throughout these past years, I have researched and compiled information to manage cancer as well as prevention.

It is real scary that it is our environment that plays a big part in why our loved ones have died of cancer. I am going to leap out and say that it is our foods, yes indeed what we eat. Chemicals play a big part and our government is allowing this to happen. As good followers we have to educate ourselves and make our own decisions on what is good for us or what is bad for us. It will not change until individually we take part and correct it.

With the knowledge that is out there and now at our finger tips, please spread the knowledge. We can help others that have cancer to manage it in a healthier way without destroying their bodies. I am hoping that in the near future no one will have to go through a death of a loved one with cancer.

I am very humble for having wonderful people in my life that gave me the courage and knowledge to turn my cancer into an experience that I am able to share with you.

So before you go to bed tonight lets honor and pledge to ourselves that we will make a difference in changing the way we treat cancer with educating ourselves with the knowledge. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

In honor of my father and mother-in-law, I am changing with knowledge. Join me on my pledge to make this world a better place to live.


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