Monday, July 30, 2012


To catch you up on my healing process, I am on the road again with a road trip from Florida to New York. Dan and I decided to go Rt. 301 and 17 for we have a u-haul trailer pulling our daughters things behind. In the past blog notices, I have explained my situation financially and that my husband ~ Dan and I are getting ready to move to Mexico for a couple of years. This will help us regroup for the future. Breast cancer can take you for a mint. Just ask any one regardless on conventional or natural, it takes a toll financially.

Now let me begin my story of the journey that Dan and I have been on since Tuesday. We started out around 11:30 knowing that we were not going to make it too far. Well, we were right, we just barely made it outside of Florida on the out skirts of Georgia. It has been a low creeping haul at 45 mph for we did not want to over use the truck. Going along 301 was a trip for we were going through small towns. The history that must lie in those towns must go way back for the structure of some of the houses look like from the 1800’s. As we were going along the highway with the breeze across my face, I felt safe and free from anything that was in my path. This is what the doctor should order for everyone that has been experiencing any illness. I had no care in the world, just the earth around me.

When we finally settled in our motel the first night we ate in the room. I had packed grocery’s for several days of organic vegetables and fruits with can organic tuna and salmon. I also prepared gluten free treats and hard boiled eggs for this is all part of my healing program. We are carrying them in this big ice cooler.

The second day we stopped at a park for lunch, we had a picnic in and around Savannah, Georgia. I prepared a salad with all kinds of greens and black olives. Who said that you can not have a gourmet healthy picnic! On the way to South Carolina ~ a way we go………

There were lots of corn fields all around. I felt like I was surrounded with farm fields with cattle and goats, Time was moving slow for the highway was long and narrow with very few stops along the way. Finally for lunch we stopped in a Walmart parking lot for lunch. We had humus with organic carrots, broccoli, tomatoes. There was a clerk that was gathering the carts that stopped by and asked where we were heading. He was from Connecticut and told us a easy way to go up the coast. Lunch was finished and we headed back on the road toward Virginia. Things were looking up and Dan and I was having fun singing along with the radio until the unthinkable happened. The truck started to act up and it was bucking . Oh no, we both looked at one another thinking to ourselves is this really happening. We were heading to the tunnel when this happened so we pulled over and went in a parking lot to a bank. We have AAA, which we called and someone was coming out to service us in about an hour. The area we were I was not familiar with so of course I was worried for we had the trailer full of my daughters things. I was not about to keep it behind. The AAA service man states that he could tow the trailer for a price. Well to make a long story short we ended up walking a little way to a hotel from where the truck ended up for repairs.

The next morning we got up early and walked back to where the truck was…. It was an all day affair. Something that we did not expect to happen. Anyway it gave me time to write something on my blog.

We still have a since of humor for we saw this yellow cart in the parking lot of this mall that we had to go through. Dan put the computer bag and our medicine bags in the cart and said America the free. I felt like a homeless person. We were in a strange place with no car and no place to go.

Waiting still for the truck to get fixed; we are going to go a little further through to another state.

The moral of this story is that it is all how you choose to look at things. We are looking at this as a challenge to our journey.

Until we get to New York, have a wonderful week end.

The last two days until we arrive in New York, what an adventure it was. After we got our truck fixed we headed toward Delaware and with our minds intact we were able to some what relax from the stress that was behind us. It seemed like forever, but finally by the next day we were almost to our destination. We were getting more excited to see our daughter until another unthinkable happened. We went around and around in New Jersey looking for the Holland Tunnel. What a zoo~ the roads are around the Holland Tunnel!!! There did not seem like much organization as far as lines and suddenly after about an hour waiting in line, we approached the booth. With money in Dan’s hand, he gave it to the women standing there with a big smile only to say, sorry trailers are not allowed. WHAT!!!!!!!! You will have to go over there where the policeman is and he will give you directions. Can the adventure be more stressful. The cop advised us the directions to go over the Lincoln Tunnel. As we were following his lead on how to get to the other tunnel, of course we got lost. It took another half an hour to find our way to the Lincoln Tunnel, thankfully the wait was not as long. We got up to the front of the line to give the booth person our cash and handed her twelve dollars. She looked at Dan and said that will be twenty-two dollars. WHAT, we said????? Yes you are hearing it right. Since we have a trailer which we are pulling it is counted as an other vehicle… That was the least of our troubles, where does this lead us to on the other side ?????

Surprise the HEART OF NEW YORK CITY, the place where you really do not want to drive through if you are not prepared to do so. We were in lower Manhattan looking for the Manhattan Bridge. Again more wait and more confusion and top of it all we were sitting stuck on Confucius Plaza in China Town!! I told Dan, after him getting all worked up ~ NOW YOU CAN TELL YOUR FRIENDS YOU DROVE IN THE HEART OF NEW YORK CITY ~ HAHAHA.

Well, it wasn’t until around 4:00 pm that we arrived in Brooklyn to our daughters apt. All the stress and worries went away when we saw the smile on her face….. What an adventure so far and can’t wait to explore the area. Will keep you all informed on the days to come.


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