Monday, October 22, 2012




Hello to my viewers, today started out with some IV’s , and then breakfast. Daniel the chef whipped up some scrambled eggs with mango on the side. Oh, and of course we had coffee. I do not know if I have mentioned in the previous posts that all the food is organic.

After awhile the doctor came in to tell me about my schedule of treatments that I would be having today. I was going to have another treatment of ozone and the chemist was coming to take some of my blood for the stem cell treatment. In the evening after dinner I was going for a sauna treatment. In between all this I had time for rest.

Sherry and I rented some movies from the front office, of course they are free. I picked Rango the Lizard with Johnny Depp and Sherry picked Plan B with Jennifer Lopez. Tonight I will be busy watching them.

I just got back from my sauna treatment and I might say it let out a lot of steam.

Until tomorrow, I am for sure having the hyperthermia at around 11:00 o’clock. Stay tune for some pictures and even a movie of how it works.

Check out some of our dishes that we have eaten below and the picture of me in the sauna. I look like a big white turtle!!!! Also, you will see the male nurse that took care of me this evening.


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