Friday, October 26, 2012



Well today was another day with ozone treatment and some more IV’s. The morning started out with a cup of coffee to wake me up and then I went on the computer to check my e-mail and the news around the world.

Just because I am in Mexico does not mean that I am isolated from the rest of the world news. I watched CNN News From Europe in English and Spanish.

I met another patient that is being treated here from the States and we related our stories to one another. Its’ interesting to hear how others decided to choose the same type of treatment that I and Sherry have been doing.

Now I am getting ready for dinner and settling in for the night. No pain and I felt great today. Sherry and I escaped for a little while and took a long walk around the area. The weather was quite nice with the sun shining and the wind blowing we could have not asked for a better day. One thing is for sure the treatments I have had so far certainly beat the chemo and radiation concepts I have heard others talk about.

Until the sun rises have a good night.


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