Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Written by Dan Malin

Today Sherry and I arrived at the Facility for I am going to start my cancer treatment. I am going to have the same type of treatment Sherry had two years ago. We know it works for she has managed this disease.

Well it was a long 6 hour air ride from Orlando to San Francisco where we had a three hour lay over before we transferred to our plane to fly to San Diego. We never the less are exhausted from all the running around and stress. While waiting we ate at the airport sushi bar that was new first time I ever saw that in an airport. The driver met us at the airport and we are on our way to a long two weeks of treatments.

It was kind of interesting that every time we have crossed the border something random happens. This time we had to get out of the van and Sherry had to press this button to see if it would turn green or red. If it had turned red they would have checked our bags, but it turned green I guess it was good luck this time.

After waiting a while at the border, we finally made it to the facility. It was like we never left the first time. Everyone remembered who we were, but asked if Sherry was the patient ~ OH NO it’s me this time. You did an awesome job on Sherry so we figure it’s my time. HAHAHA

We were brought up to our room and greeted with nurses that asked some questions and then we ate this wonderful organic fish dinner. After dinner the nurse came back in for vitals and then now we can rest after some hot tea.

Until tomorrow, night ~

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