Wednesday, October 24, 2012




Since it was a busy day I do not have time to write a lot because I am being transferred from room to room for different types of treatment. I have decided to have Sherry take pictures of my day.

The morning started with a hot shower and then my nurse came in and cleaned around the port. Here are some pictures:




Oh, yea I do have to brag about our food. Breakfast came and so did the chef. Here is the chef of the facility. Daniel is not just the chef, but he also is a great guy. He suggested for us to take a day and he will show us the beach and some other little towns nearby on the weekend and do some Mexican sightseeing cool, Thanks Daniel !! Here are some pictures of Daniel and  me.





I then had my stem cell treatment. Here are some pictures of the chemist and  me receiving the cells.







After that I had my ozone treatment. Here are pictures of Dr Bustamante doing the treatment 


Well now I am getting more IV’s, so until next time signing off…..




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