Saturday, October 20, 2012


Fourth day
Today the weather turned out to be gloomy, no sun. Our breakfast came around 8:00 and it was a surprise, waffles with fruit and some kind of almond butter spread. After breakfast I took a hot shower, to wake me up and ready for the day. Then I had to have the nurse come in to clean my port and redress it.


As the day began we decided to go for a walk near the café and get some hot tea. We like to sit outside and read below the sun, but today we ended up in the café due to the weather was cold. After awhile we went back up to the room to eat lunch. Today we had a caesar salad with chicken.

As the afternoon came to a start we decided to do some meditation. Here is what we were listening to:



While we were meditating the psychologist came in to speak to us regarding positive attitude and how to manage our stress levels. She gave us some good advice regarding how we can live in the future with issues due to our conditions. We had given her an ear full of what we have learned throughout the year on how to take care of ourselves from all the chemicals and about how the health care industry is handling the whole cancer thing. It was an hour long when said and done.

Spiritual Psychologist
Often called “the untouched organ” — and for many doctors not a part of the overall chronic problem — your mind filters everything surrounding it, aided by your experiences, thoughts, beliefs and fears. In the functional approach to treatment, the mind plays a key role during disease management. Our psychologist is not only trained in conventional therapy but also utilize a wide array of interventions intended to help heal the mind along with the body. Among these are: Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Focusing and Emotional Medicine. Mind and body are as equally important to us.

When she left, I asked Sherry if she wanted to take a walk across from the facility for there was a movie theater and stores. We decided to walk on the sidewalk for about a block or two and then came back to see what was playing. Of course it was all in Spanish!

Once we went back up to the room, the nurse came in to hook me up to some more vitamins and minerals. This took about a half hour and then it came time for me to have my ozone treatments (I will have five in all). This procedure started with him putting pure oxygen in a syringe that was mixed for 15 minutes with some of my blood from the port and syringe back into me. You see cancer does not like oxygen.

Well its time for dinner and I am hungry. Tomorrow is another day and will be getting more IV’s.


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