Thursday, October 25, 2012



Well it’s the golden years and for me a new challenge in life. Today I started out with the nurse coming in my room to give me my vitals. She came in with this big sign that read HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL. I did not expect this that’s for sure.

Breakfast came in around 8:00, and then I was ready for a cup of coffee to wake up to start the new day. The chemist came in to continue my stem cell treatment.

PROSTACIT Prostate Immuno-Therapy

PROSTACIT is an autologous cell immuno-therapy that is used to treat prostate cancer.
In prostate cancer, like many other cancers, there is a lack of recognition in the immune system of the presence of disease in the body. PROSTACIT helps jolt the immune system back into action.

Prostate Autologous Cell Immuno-Therapy

Problems with the immune system are a major factor in cancer progression. As the cells in our organs replace themselves every day as part of the natural regeneration process, sometimes they grow too fast, leading to tumors. A healthy immune system will react to unusual cell growth and eliminate it before the person is even aware of a problem. But when the immune system does not detect the cancerous cells the disease continues to develop.

They can remove some naturally occurring dendritic cells from the patient and pass them through a treatment to activate their cancer sensitivity and present them with information from the tumor. When the cells are inserted back into the patient they are able to isolate any cancerous cells and the immune system fights them accordingly.

PROSTACIT uses prostatic epithelium, a specific agent that helps the immune system find prostate cells and acts as a potent inducer of the response of cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

PROSTACIT is a viable treatment option for late stage as well as early stage prostate cancer patients.

After my doctor came in he gave me the schedule for the next couple of days. I will be on IV’s for half the day. While I was on the IV’s lunch came and I was ready to eat. It was time to take a nap and a knock on the door, the chef and his staff came in with a big surprise a birthday desert with a candle in hand. Daniel the chef lit the candle and the staff sang Happy Birthday in Spanish.

The day is half over and I was just beginning to get started until I received calls on skype from my family wishing me a happy birthday.

It is now football Thursday and the Buc’s my home town team is playing. Got my computer ready on the program to watch the game. If you know me, I love sports so also; on the facility TV I had the World Series playing in Spanish. The Giant’s won game 2 and my Buc’s won, it was good day even while being treated for functional medicine.


Tomorrow is another day, it will be light. Sherry and I might adventure and see some of the sites.

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