Thursday, October 18, 2012


Follow me through my journey of managing my prostate cancer 

The morning began early with pricks to the arm ~ blood work at 7:00 a.m. then followed by my vitals. Well, this begins my first day of treatment. I met one of my doctors that will be treating me and following up with me around 9:00 a.m. He did a full complete exam and stated that a cardiologist and an internal physician will be coming in to visit. Meanwhile we took a stroll of the facility. Sherry and I went up to the fourth floor where her room was two years ago. We were surprised there were no nurses that we could recognize. After the disappointment we walked to the café where we had some peppermint tea and Sherry was doing word find while I was reading about Superman, the actor George Reeves.

Time was just slipping away, before long it was lunch time and we ended up with soup and fish. Daniel the chef always adds color to the dish with the vegetables. Time for the Yankee game, since we are in Mexico none of the channels had the game on, so to the computer we go. Sherry took a nap while I watch the Yankee’s lose ~ Oh well there is always next year. I guess I will have to root for the Detroit Tigers now. GO DETROIT.

The background is getting dark and it is beginning to become night fall. Oh, wait they are bringing in our dinner ~ chicken. I will have to stop so I can eat so until tomorrow.

By the way tomorrow will be more eventful, for they will probably put in my port to start giving me some vitamins and minerals and doing the hyperthermia.


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